FINALLY!!! I am getting one!!!!

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  1. After this long wait... I am getting the Vinyl coco cabas!!

    Shout out to fashionista621 who is the best in the world for getting an SA to hold one for me! I love you now!!! :love:

    I am so darn tootin' excited!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :roflmfao:

    I am so posting pictures when I get it! :supacool:

    P.S. thanks for letting me share! :yes:
  2. Congratulations! :heart: :heart:
  3. Congrats, those are so hard to find now!
  4. Congrats~~~
    Enjoy your bag-
  5. Congrats!! :smile:
  6. Congrats! I'm glad you were able to track one down. Can't wait for your pics!:yahoo:
  7. You're so lucky you found one!!!!! Congrats! Don't forget modeling pics!
  8. congrats!
  9. heyy i am so glad i was able to get him to hold it for you!! congrats and you are going to LOVE IT!
  10. Congrats lucky girl!
  11. congrats..cant wait to see pics!!
  12. YAY!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!

    the 2937th reason why tPF is so great!! kudos to fashionista!!
  13. Congrats!!!!I just got one too. It's on it way and I am going post my pic when it gets here. I am eager to see yours as well. You see, there is no reason to buy it for $1500+ in eBay when you have the purse forum!!! Love this site!!! Congrats again!!!
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
  15. ohh congrats you will absolutely love it
    honestly, its just about the best bag i have ever gotten...holds so much, is amazingly light, incredibly chic, goes with everything except maybe a wedding gown and its undamageable, unless a wild albatross munches on it or something...............
    post pics! and i know you will be delighted