Finally I am a Bal Girl!!! Heres my beautiful blue BALENCIAGA!!!

  1. OK, finally after over 1 month of waiting my CORNFLOWER CITY arrived! Great present to come home to after my Jamaician 10 hour flight!

    Im like this:yahoo:, she is absolutley STUNNING!! The leather is like butter, and smooth and creamy to the touch and i love the veins!!! (Is that the right word?!)
    She is 10/10 for condition too!

    She was totally worth the wait, LV may have to be put on the back foot for a while, I think I have found a new love!:drool:

    I love pics, so i have taken quite a few for you! xx

    Thanks girlies i am soo happy right now! I am taking her out for a spin tonight!


  2. [​IMG]



  3. ahhh shes so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:Congrats on your first balenciaga!!!!!!!!!:woohoo:I love this color, its beautiful!!!:love:
  4. Congrats on your first b bag.. I love the color.
  5. Wow luva - she's gorgeous!! Cornflower is sooo pretty!!
  6. It is pretty!!!
    Congratulations & welcome to the club! Lol. :cutesy:

    I can't wait for my marine to arrive!!! (my 1st blue bbag!) :p
  7. great color - gorgeous blue!!! congrats :tup:
  8. I love it. What a gorgeous color!! Congarrts
  9. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag - and it looks like you have a lovely bright one as well!

    THANKS for all the pictures! I love looking at pictures of everyone's new bags!
  10. :nuts::heart: What a beautiful colour!!! CONGRATS~
  11. Congratulations! I want to be a Bal girl, too! It's beautiful!
  12. I'm SO jealous! Gorgeous bag. :drool:
    Congratulations !
  13. :yahoo:OMG!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!:yahoo: I know exactly how you feel!!!!~ beaming with excitement!!!!! :party:It looks so amazing on you and cornflower is such a stunning color!!!!:love::love::love: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  14. I absolutly love it! Love the color.
  15. Congrats and i love the colour.