Finally here with a extra surprise

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  1. My beautiful first pair of CLs finally came today, with a extra surprise. Anyone here?
  2. I am! Lets see!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Yeeeeessss!!!! Let's see!
  4. Open!!!!!
  5. im here!
  6. what's taking so long???!
  7. Here!
  8. :couch::couch::couch:
  9. :biggrin: here
  10. Sorry ladies I feel asleep, here's the pair I've been waiting on to arrive it I was torn between theses and the décolleté but I choose these



    But DH added theses also without me knowing


  11. Lovely Congrats and welcome :woohoo:
  12. How sweet :love: Congratulations!
  13. Congrats! You gotta love DH for THAT surprise! :smile:
  14. I do! Now u have to get started on the stretching out the left décolleté, it's painful.
  15. cute! Congrats!