Finally, here she is ...

  1. ... I know you are all excited about the 08 bags and colours but here, finally, are some pics of my new plomb city.
    plombcitynatural.jpg plombcitynaturalcloseup.jpg plombcitynaturaldarker.jpg
  2. gorgeous, congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Not wearing the best clothes to show her off but hey, it's what I had on.
    plombcitynaturalshoulder.jpg plombcityflasharm.jpg plombcitynaturalarm.jpg
  4. it's gorgeous!
  5. congrats to you! plomb is just gorgeous!
  6. :tup:Your new bag is gorgeous!! And you look gorgeous with her! Congrats!
  7. You gotta love the plomb!! Congrats!!!
  8. gorgeous, and you look great!
  9. Gorgeous, CONGRATS!!!
  10. Congratulations - actually, she matches your outfit nicely, I think!
  11. congrats :smile:
    it looks good ony you!
  12. Congrats, so happy for you, plomb is a great neutral!
  13. gorgeous and super versatile color!! I thought the bag looked perfect with your outfit!! :tup:
  14. Very nice, I love plomb!
  15. Congrats! Great color on you imo. :yes: