FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Here she is! My new bag!!!!

  1. Okay, so as you may or may not know, Macy*s gave me lots of problems when I tried to order my Lucky Brand bag...but I FINALLY got her!!!! And just in time too! Because she is no longer available!!!!! Here are some pics!
    Picture 199.jpg Picture 198.jpg Picture 197.jpg Picture 200.jpg
  2. Congrats. Cute Bag!
  3. really cute! like the shape
  4. gratz!!! CUTE!!!!
  5. Looks like your patience with this order really paid off, especially since the bag isn't available anymore! Congrats!
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words, but I'm gonna have make a very embarrassing apology...I'm sorry for my belly sticking out in the third pic...I'm mortified. I tried to get rid of that pic, but it doesn't from now on, just learn from my mistakes and review pics before you post.

    Sorry again,

    A very embarrased tPFer
  7. lol honestly if you didn't tell me I wouldn't have noticed!
    Its a beautiful bag! It look nicer in your pix than the pix at macy's - glad it all worked out for you!
  8. ^^^^No worries....there's not one of us here that doesn't have a belly that pokes out sometime or another!!!!
    I love the bag!!
  9. LOL, I didn't even notice, I was too caught up in looking at your supercute bag! :smile:
  10. so cute, love the color. congrats.
  11. your bag is really cute!
  12. Cute bag! And it looks like its a great size! And I didn't even notice your belly until you mentioned it. Isn't it funny how we notice things about ourselves that no one else does?
  13. Very cute bag; looks really soft.:tup:
  14. I love the bag! The leather looks really yummy!
  15. It looks great! Congrats!