Finally here!! Sailor blue Mini Matinee

  1. lovely blue!!! Congratulations...
  2. Thanks, you are so right about the color!! That is exactly what it's like! I love it, my first colorful RM bag--have dark gray, black, charcoal, and almond so it's fun to carry some color!! :smile:
  3. Thanks! It is so pretty! I took some mod shots, maybe they will help ya know if you like the mini size. For reference, I'm 5'4" and about 105 lbs
    image-882747263.jpg image-3520683122.jpg image-3296318184.jpg
  4. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! You wear it well, seems to be the perfect size!
  5. Oooooo thats so pretty!! congrats!
  6. Thanks!! My sweats go nicely with my bag, huh? :p
  7. Yeah I live in Dallas.:smile: I'm from the northeast, but moved here 3 years ago. I like it, but not a place I want to live forever. Never been to Houston (I hear it is SO humid!) But have gone to SA and Austin and liked both!
  8. amazing purse! congrats:smile: