Finally! Here is my Silver Miroir Pochette *pics*

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  1. I was pretty much listening for my cellphone to ring ALL DAY today...waiting for the call to tell me to go pick up my bag, and finally, four hours before our dinner, I got the call!

    When I was there to pick it up at LV, the SA who was helping me opened the box and showed me the bag briefly, and the boyfriend was with me and all he could say afterwards was "Wow."

    We went back to his house to get ready for our anniversary dinner, and his mom was there so I showed her my new pochette, and she had acrylic nails and while she was touching and holding the bag, I was just praying to myself, please don't scratch the bag, please don't scratch the bag! :lol: Luckily it wasn't scratched and I quickly took it away from her and put it safely back in its dustbag. A little while later, she said "Oh my, that is a beautiful bag! I will call you someday to ask to borrow that bag, and I can tell everyone that my son's girlfriend has better taste than me in handbags!" I was flattered, but I'd never lend my silver pochette to anyone! :P

    My boyfriend loves this bag...he asked to see it a few times throughout the night, and he said out of all my bags, this is probably his favourite, and that it was definitely worth $600! He was blinded inside the restaurant with the light reflecting off of it and he thought the bag was simply amazing.

    So anyways...we had a great night, I was super happy and the dinner was awesome. Our bill came to around $200 but the owner is a friend of one of my managers (my good buddy at work) so he took the desserts off our bill, and our coworkers apparently all pitched in to pay for our dinner and so we only had to pay $60 and so we left the server a $50 tip! :nuts: We also got free sparkling wine when we arrived and there was a small gift and card for the both of us from everybody at work when we arrived...I love my coworkers.

    Here are the pics!


    Amazing reflecting ability!

    One modeling pic as promised, more in Visual Aids thread:


    Hahaha, I just HAD to share this pic with you guys!! I look so funny.:roflmfao:
    mpochette1.jpg mpochette2.jpg mpochette4.jpg mpochette3.jpg
  2. YAY!!! :yahoo:

    I know how long you've waited for this bag, I'm so glad you finally got it!!! It looks wonderful on you and I wouldnt share my miroir pochette (if i had one) either ;)
  3. I also want to add...if you organize the things you put into this bag well, it will not affect the way the bag looks! I agree that the pochette is a little weird looking when it's bumpy...and that I like it relatively flat looking, but tonight I carried these things with me and the pochette was a little bumpy at the back, but the front was fine:
    - Cles + keys
    - a few cards
    - cellphone...not RAZR thin
    - Tide-to-Go pen
    - Lip gloss
    - "Feminine hygiene" product (not pictured, obviously) :roflmfao:
    Those, I think, are the essentials and it's pretty impressive that this super flat pochette can fit those things, no problem.
    I've included some pics of what the bag looks like when I put those things inside; the bumpiness (on the back of the bag pic) actually looks worse in the pics than it actually is IRL:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    mpochcap1.jpg mpochcap2.jpg mpochcap3.jpg mpochcap4.jpg mpochcap5.jpg
  4. ^ nice organization!!
  5. Congrats, I know how hard the wait has been :sweatdrop: It looks absolutely fabulous on you!!!
  6. karman, ya look absolutely gorgeous with the pochette!!! congrats! and the fourth pic is toooo funny!
  7. look great with it

    (make me want one too)
  8. oh my god, is today ur anniversary with ur bf? 15th? (how long have u been with him? if you don't mind me asking)
    It's the same for me :biggrin:
    love ur bag ~~
  9. Congrats! Love how it looks on you! :love:
  10. CONGRATS, girl!! I know how much you wanted that baby!!:yahoo:
  11. You got it! It looks great!!
  12. Ahh, I'm so glad she came in time for your evening! Sounds like you had a lovely time!

    You look lovely in your pics!!

  13. I'm so happy it came in time for your dinner! YAY! You look great and enjoy it!:party:
  14. Congrats.
  15. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag & looks great on you. Sounds like you had an awesome dinner.