Finally, here are pics of my gorgeous

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  1. Plum Stam!!! Sorry it has taken me sooooo long to post pics. And, of course, I will be taking the tags off and using this bag now. (although I must tell you that I am a bag hoarder, many many bags are NWT in my closet!)
    And for those of you that haven't seen the newest Stams, they are so much lighter in weight than the older ones, chains and all. :yes:
    I think the color IRL is a little more 'grapey' and about the depth of the 2nd picture.:love::love:
    Also, see how the ends look a little lighter? The color is sort of 'washed' like that. Very cool!

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  2. So refreshing!-- I like the sheen of the leather. :yes:
  3. I think IRL it is matte, not really a sheen. Pics can be really deceptive.
  4. That is one pretty bag! Makes me want to buy something in purple. Thanks for the pictures and congrats!
  5. Very pretty! :tup:
  6. Oh my goodness - that color is TDF! Congrats!
  7. Oh WOW! That bag is delicious!!!:love: Love it...congrats!!

  8. Eh... Ok
  9. Gorgeous!! Congrats on getting such a beautiful and summery color. This appears more lilac than plum to me, but I love it!
  10. very purty....awesome bag for the spring! Looks more lilac to me too.
  11. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  12. Wow, wondered what the plum stam looked like, very pretty & perfect for spring. Enjoy!!
  13. Mmm, yummy and gorgeous
  14. wow - thats not plum! maybe its just my screen but it looks almost pale purple/pink? where did you get her from bags4fun?
  15. Very pretty. The perfect Spring shade. Purple is so HOT this season. It's about time. I love purple. That is a great bag. Enjoy it!