Finally, Heloise bag has arrived

  1. OMG!! I can't believe i did this. I promised myself i was not going to buy any bag for the rest of this year.Who was i kidding,right?

    Anyway, things happened so quickly. I went to Chloe shop yesterday. My eyes met this bag. She was sitting looking gorgeous on the display. I knew this is it. I am dead but i stopped myself.

    I came back home and thought about it all night. I couldn't resist it any longer. I went to get it today..Yeah!!!:yahoo: It is a medium sized shoulder bag in black.

    The SA told me Heloise bags are very popular. They have just arrived and they flew out of the shop so quickly.

    Do you like it?
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  2. :tup::heart::woohoo: CONGRATS~ She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  3. lovely bag
  4. Thanks ,girls. I am so happy now:happydance:.
  5. Congrats. I didn't like this bag when I first saw online but fell in love with it when I saw it irl. It's gorgeous! I'd love to get my hands on the brown but I don't really wear too much that goes with brown so I can't justify the $$$.
  6. Great - really comes to life in your modelling pics.
  7. so cute, congrats.
  8. Truly a fabulous purse and it looks so pretty on you too!
  9. I love Heloise - congrats!
  10. It does look gorgeous on you! What a beautiful purse - congratulations!!!
  11. :woohoo:looks fantastic on yoU!!! congrats :smile:
  12. Looks absolutely gorgeous!!! :drool: Great purchase! :tup:

    I'm considering the large one on NAP. I keep telling myself I "need" a black bag. :graucho:
  13. congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. Kmrosko: I did not like it neither when i first saw it in the picture but IRL it is such a beautiful bag. It is also functional as well with both front and back pockets. I think the price is quite reasonable comparing to other ridiculously expensive designer bags these days. It is 727 pound and the brown one is gorgeous as you said.

    Nelstar: the large one is simply chic. If i did not have an oversized Muse, i would go for it. My size is more lady-like style whereas the big one is more edgy and boho. You will wear it with everything this coming f/w..Go for it and we definitely "need" black bags.
  15. Congrats!!Love it