Finally having my first bad Ebay experience...Advice needed!

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  1. So I recently purchased a bag of Ebay, and I was super excited to get it because it's one that has been on my wishlist for awhile now. I have had a few small problems with the seller, but nothing too crazy. I paid on the 20th and just now got it on the 28th, she says she waited a few days to mail it out because she was sick, which I can understand and I was in no rush really. And then I receive a cancel transaction request from the seller, so I was very confused :shrugs: Then after I email to ask about it, she answers and says she sent that by mistake. Anyway, I let it slide and didn't think too much about it.

    Here is her listing, where she states the bag is in New without tags condition:

    Much to my dismay when I open the box today, there are some large marks on one strap that kind of look like smeared gold paint? Hard to describe but far from "new" or even "excellent" condition. :tdown: After reviewing her pics, you can slightly tell that they are there in one of the pics, and I will take fault that I didn't look more closely than I did because I didn't notice it when I looked at the pics to bid.

    My question is, what should I do? Ask the seller for a partial refund? Ask to return the bag? I will attempt to take detailed pictures and post them in a few mintues. I don't want to be out money for a bag that isn't in pristine condition as the seller stated, even if it was a deal on the bag, KWIM?
  2. I'm so sorry hun, thats really too bad that it wasn't as described... I would definitely email the seller and let her know your thoughts about not getting a bag that was pictured... doesn't look like in her listing she even said anything about these marks that are on the bag... I would ask her if you could get a partial refund or else if she will refund you your money if you want to send it back to her?
  3. ^^^ITA, the seller really should have disclosed in her description that there were these large marks on the strap EVEN if you could see them slightly in the pics...that's just common seller decency. Good luck and hope it all turns out :yes:
  4. ^^^^I agree totally with the other posters. Since she didn't disclose the defect she should work it out with you to a satisfactory outcome (for you!!!) if that doesn't work you can always file a dispute. Keep all your correspondence with the seller!!! Even if you don't think you'll file a dispute.
  5. Might be helpful to post this in the e*bay forum...wealth of knowledge over there, could really give you the help you need! :tup:
  6. Yeah, this would be better served over in the "BAY" forums.

    I would do this; if you can't live w/ it as it is... SEND IT BACK. NOt worth it otherwise IMHO. Claim that the item is rightfully SNAD, file with PP, and move on. I,HONESTLY, would not trust the seller to complete the refund on their own w/o a lot of pain and agony.

    Send it whatever service you like, but I advise you get both Deliv. conf AND Sig COnf to verify it lands in her hands and no one else. PP will need the Deliv # to verify you returned and they will process your refund. If that was me, I would do it that way. Play it safe, you don't need any more of a run around than you are getting now, so let's just make it as smooth and easy for you to deal with as the seller had her chance to be communicative earlier, and I doubt she'll sing another tune now that you see it's true condition.
  7. Ya, I think if you're not fully satisfied and you were mislead, you should either send it back or get a partial refund.
  8. I can definitely see the smear marks in two of the listing pictures. Yuck! I wonder if they are spots where the bronze rubbed off, and she tried to fix it with gold paint? Anyway, because the issue was not disclosed in the listing, you should be able to file a SNAD (significantly not as described claim) through PayPal. Just be sure that when you send the item back you get tracking and delivery confirmation so you are protected on the return. Unfortunately, I think you will need to pay for return shipping. I don't think PayPal makes the seller reimburse for that.
  9. I agree with everyone! Hopefully you'll have an understanding seller! Good luck!
  10. Thanks for all of the helpful tips everyone...I am going to email the seller once and tell her I want a refund, and see how she reacts, and if it's not completely cooperative, then I'll file right away. I just want to give her a chance because she has 100% feedback and is a powerseller! :shrugs:

    Here are some of the best pics I could get of it, the metallic kept flashing!
  11. Wow, I could see those marks easily on the picture on the bay!! I do not understand something. When people say "new" without tags...what exactly does that mean?? I think it means that someone can easily have used it a few times or got something on it without "using" it and list it as "new" without tags...AND get away with it. To me, that listing means NEVER used...not even ONCE and certainly it should be in pristine condition (w/the usual wierdnesses of new stuff). So NO that does NOT look NEW to me!!!!!
  12. That def. isn't new. If you can live with it, maybe ask her for some money back because her listing is a misrepresentation of the auction. If she isn't willing to do that, I would go ahead w/ paypal.

    Also check the ebay forum on tPF! they may have more advice.
  13. that is crazy she should have disclosed that before she listed it I would try to see if you can get a refund
  14. let us know when the seller responds!
  15. ^ I defintely will! I'm going to go email her now!