Finally have the bowler I should have bought in May!

  1. So some of you will remember, I purchased a cashew colored patent large ursula bowler in May. Although it was gorgeous, it was just too big for me, I kind of knew it when I bought it, but the color was so pretty I bought it anyways, then never used it. I ended up selling it, and decided to wait until I could find the small quilted bowler in black. I have to say it was so worth the wait - I finally found one and it arrived yesterday - sooo pretty and perfect, exactly what I had wanted. :heart:

    Anyways, wanted to just update those who knew I had sold my large bowler - I am no longer Bowler-less:smile:

    Will post pics when I charge my camera...
  2. Wow! Congrats!! I know you've been wanting one forever. Post pics please!! Let's see your HG!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats! Nothing is sweeter than getting the bag you have been wishing for.
  4. YAY! We're bowler buddies!! Congrat T...I remember how much you wanted this bag. I'm thrilled for you! :yahoo:
  5. :tup::yahoo::tup:
  6. OK, heres the pics - I carried her today and I love this bag! I think it actually is going to prompt me to sell my other black bags - I dont think they will get much use now that Ursula's in the house ;)

    Cheryl - you have the black bowler too??? Girl you have an amazing MJ collection!

    Thithi - I have been wanting this one awhile, and I'm not a patient person at all, which is how I ended up with the first bowler...I've learned my lesson, will try to be more patient and not grab the first bag I see out of lust LOL...

  7. Congrats. I have the same's one of my favourite bag.
  8. First off, beautiful new bowler!!!! :love::love: And yes, I have one too, but mine is in the Ursula Patent. I think yours is the matte, right? Sometimes I wish I had the matte instead because I think it's a little more practical. I don't find myself using the Ursula as much as I thought I would. I use my black Banana hobo as my regular black bag.

    Enjoy her!!! :yahoo:
  9. She's beautiful! Congrats!!
  10. i'm going to miss my bowler :sad: the eBay auction ends tomorrow!!
  11. aw tuffcookie, why are you selling you bowler???