Finally, have my first spy!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    So delighted, I have covetted one for a while, but its been hard to break my Chloe obsession before ;)

    To say I am thrilled is a massive understatement, the leather is sublime, so amazing and I just am so happy to finally own one of these amazing bags.
    I have taken a couple of pictures, to show you :smile:

  2. Its been abit of a Fendi week too, as I managed to find these great little fendi b's for a great price that match the b bag nicely :biggrin:

  3. You really need to be looking at changing your name from Chloe Babe to Fendi Fiend? Where's the pic of the matching wallet as well then? How could you forget to post that!

    Pics of your Spy are gorgeous - congrats, thats a fab Fendi Collection you are building up.

    Well done
  4. ooooh yes!
    will go get a piccie of the wallet
    see, this Fendi thing is gonna take a while to get used to ;)
  5. Ta Da!!
  6. that fendi wallet would be nice in the bottom pic with the shoes and bag!
  7. ignore me! must have been posting at the same time!
  8. Oh you have been shopping, very nice indeed, congrats & enjoy! Chloe RIP :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. congratulations! fendi spy is gorgeous! i adore fendi a lot. fendi has this chic meet avant-garde artistic look.:love:
  10. Beautiful spy big Congrats such a yummy colour.

    Love the matching shoes and bag, I love things to match look so chic
  11. thanks guys, I cannot tell you how much I am loving her. Think I may have a fair way to go to match your collection tho Saich ;)
  12. ooooohhhh, so gorgeous! great choices! congrats!
  13. Wow, that was some shoppin' trip! I Love the bags (of course) and the wallet and the shoes! They're flats! I'd actually be able to walk in 'em! LOL, I can't walk in heels. Anywho, congrats on your beautiful new merchandise!
  14. Congratulations! I love your Spy! The color is really great. Your B is also gorgeous and the wallet and shoes are a great match with it.
  15. Its sooooo beautiful, I am totally jealous! Congrats!