Finally have a chance to take pics of my collection

  1. Finally have a chance to take pics of my collection. Just bought a new pomme d'amor roxburry drive today and that was not included in the pic.
    IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0090.JPG IMG_0091.JPG IMG_0092.JPG IMG_0094.JPG
  2. great collection!
  3. Love your collection!!
  4. love ur klara!!!or is it mizi?
  5. omg, i love your gucci bags
  6. Great collection!
  7. love your chanel cambon bag!
  8. Lovely collection :yes: thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. I thought it's called Klara.. I 've never seen the Mizi...
  10. By the way this is my old favorite with my new favorite.

    My Balenciaga looks white in the picture ..I love it hahaha
    In reality, it's beaten up cos I use it almost everyday.
  11. beautiful bags i love them all!!
  12. great collection!
  13. I really like the Sonatine and the Chanel flap.
    BTW, how much do you store in a Sonatine? I'd like to have one (because it's one of the very few LV monogram I like, and LV can't be missing in a collection:yes: )
  14. I actually can put more stuffs in the sonatine more than in a regular pochette. So definitely a wallet, my cell phone, car keys and few make up stuffs...
  15. Nice collection!