Finally!!!Gucci Girl's small collection

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  1. small but cute!:graucho:

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  2. Love your bags!! Great Collection!
  3. it's not small at all!
    you have a really great collection:tup:
  4. your collection is stunning. It's not small at all. Congrats!
  5. I agree - not small at all and very cute! Love the Gucci tote bag (don't know names - it looks like blue monogram print, it's on the right). It's gorgeous!
  6. Nice collection and it is by no means small. :smile:
  7. nice collection!
  8. Not small at all. You have a great collection!
  9. You are a Gucci Girl! :yes: Very nice collection!
  10. Not small at all! Looks great:smile:
  11. Luv ur collection...VERY nice!
  12. that's not small at all! lovely collection
  13. Love your damiers and fendis!
  14. cute collection!
  15. I love them all!