Finally!!!!!!........Graffiti!!!!!!!!!! (pics)

  1. Well, ladies, I am finally the owner of a graffiti piece. She is just lovely. :yes: She is silver graffiti. Here are the pics....
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Wooohoo!!!:rochard: You go girl!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow, very nice! Did you get it on eBay?
  4. WHOOHOO! Looks gorgeous on you.
  5. Very nice!!!
  6. Gorgeous!! congrats.
  7. Looks gorgeous. I must have one! :graucho:
  8. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  9. Congrats, it's lovely !
  10. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  11. Oh my ! It's a beauty :heart: Congrats !
  12. Stunning!!
  13. very nice:smile: Congrat's.
  14. Congrats! It's so cute!!!
  15. That is so adorable!! Enjoy it :smile:
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