Finally got White MC Speedy back from repair

  1. Thanks for all of your advice. I finally got my White MC Speedy back from the LV repair shop after 8 weeks and it looks great. I've included a picture of the White MC and my 3 other speedys.
  2. Can't see the pics? :o
  3. I tried to attach the pictures 3 times, but it says my picture file is too big. Does someone know how to fix this or attach pictures? Thanks
  4. You can upload them to a photohosting site such as photobucket and take the [​IMG]
  5. I was able to attach the pictures of my speedys to my personal profile. If you click on my profile the picture should come up and you can see the White MC speedy
  6. Great pic :smile:
  7. Beautiful speedies :love:. My favorite
  8. Oooooh! Lovely Speedy collection!
  9. That's weird. I don't see the picture? :confused1:
  10. LOL! you have to click on her profile and you will see the picture.
  11. Here's the pic for those of you who can't see it:


    Congrats on getting your bag back! What exactly needed to be repaired?
  12. wow, nice speedy's! glad you have your mc back.
  13. great collection of speedies! :drool:
  14. Great collection of speedys you got there!:tup: If I may ask, how long did it take? I just sent it my vavin for repair. TIA!
  15. I had to have the front pocket replaced, because it was turning yellow from the glue and the red lining. It took over 8 weeks to get it repaired and I ended up buying another White MC Speedy too, because I missed this one that I just got back. I'm either going to bring the other white MC Speedy I just bought back to the LV store or sell it on eBay. I don't need two of the exact same handbags. Thanks for figuring out how to post my pictures for me.