Finally! got Vernis thompson st and ....

  1. Does anybody know if framboise pieces are being discontinued already? I wanted a framboise wallet (long) but cldn't find it in E-Lux. And i was on a hunt for a thompson st the past few weeks and was getting desperate. I was in Bangkok, thailand a few days ago and went to LV and asked if they still have it in Noisette, the SA told me that no more thompson st since it's being discon(?) so i browsed the other styles.... they have tons off Mandarin bags, still... and then another SA entertained me, so I casually asked iff they have any Noisette Thompson St.... she checked the computer and said, sha has 1 last piece.... well, i finally got it! the hunt is over.... will post pics tom...
  2. Elux may just have gone through their inventory and needs more ! Frambroise will be around for a little bit more before some other colours come in.

    And congrats on your new bag ! :yes:
  3. Oh! thanks ayla... that tooo bad.... I just bought one in thailand and could've saved a lot if i got it in France,which is 2 2ks from now. i was worried that it's the last few so i went ahead and bought it.. thanks thanks....
  4. It's good to hear that framboise should be around for awhile. It's one of my favorite vernis colors and there are still so many pieces I want :nuts:
  5. congratulations! i wanna see the pics~
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