Finally got to wear my Stam!!!

  1. I purchased my new black stam the first week of June because I loved it so much and wanted it for fall. I hadn't worn it yet, because I wanted to keep it for fall and felt it was too "heavy" to wear for summer. Well, now that it's post-Labor Day, I finally wore it last night!!! I LOVE it even more than before. It really is quite a fabulous bag.

    And yes, I determined my entire outfit last night based on what would look good with the Stam. :yes:
  2. ^ Carolyn, congrats. I'm glad that you finally took her out. =)
  3. Thanks!
  4. Congrats! Maybe a mini-pictorial? Enjoy your Stam!
  5. yes, please share pics! I love that dog in your avatar
  6. Congratulations, Carolyn!! My hubby and son got me a black stam for my bday and I used it for over 2 weeks, which is a long time for me because I usually change my bags every day or two. I've put it away for now so I can use some of my lighter color bags, but I will definitely take it out again soon. It is a beautiful bag!! Enjoy your bag :smile: !
  7. How fun Carolyn!! Congrats!!:yes:
  8. Wow, sounds like you really enjoyed it! I love when bags make me feel that happy. It's worth it for the price we pay.
  9. Congrats and enjoy. Post some pics when you can.