Finally got to Coach today

  1. I went into Coach today to return a couple things and order the Bridget bag and I asked about my Legacy Thompson Hobo that had begun to fray. She was so cool about it and said that I can bring it back and they will exchange it for me. She said she will make sure they send it back so they can see what it's been doing and maybe fix future ones. I'm glad I asked about it because I was kind of hesitant since I didn't have the reciept. But i'm happy now and soon I will have my new black Bridget! Yay!! :yahoo:
  2. Congraulations on ordering the Bridget. That is a gorgeous bag. Too small for me, but gorgeous nonetheless!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Can you post pics of the bag that has begun to fray? Thanks! And CONGRATS on the Bridget! Cant wait to see pics!!!
  5. YAY!! How exciting I can't wait to see your puctures