Finally got these *PICS*

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  1. I have been on a bandeau/cles high lately lol, can't stop thinking of all the one's I want from each piece. So I went to LV today to pick up my shoes after they fixed them for me and made them bigger, I looked @ the bandeaus first, I wanted the blue etoile but they only had grey and then she pulled out this other tray of pieces and on it were 3 groom ones, so I figured, what the hell, why not, its limited I have been wanting a beandeau for some time now, so I said sure, then I happed to ask about the rond and sure enough they had one lol. All in all good day, saw the new look book, absoutely in LOVE with everything coming out!!!!!!! I can't even figure out where to begin with the book, I love it all lol... any ways, enjoy

  2. Loves It!!
  3. love them
  4. the Groom p-m rond is very cute!
  5. Congrats Matty!!! Cute pieces!
  6. The damn clip part of the cles is soooo hard to open! its not easy like my other cles :sad:
  7. Congrats!! wow...I can't believe they still have those
  8. ^^same thing that i was thinking.

    but hey, at least you got it! they are sure cute and adorable. have fun looking through the book
  9. Some modeling pics, (dont mind the waist band, its part of the recovery from my surgery, hopefully I can take it off next friday if the doc okay's it lol)


  10. I love my groom bandeau, congrats!
  11. I like the rond best out of the groom pieces! It's sooooo cute! Congrats!
  12. ^^Me too. The Rond is super cute! Congrats!!

    BTW, I hope you're feeling better from your surgery and I hope you can take that waist band off next week!
  13. Congrats!
  14. I love the red Groom bandeau! Congrats!
  15. congrats ! u look great !