finally got the pics

  1. hey guys I finally posed pics of my mom's new paroli and added a few other pics. :p

    222 344.jpg

    222 345.jpg

    222 350.jpg

    222 348.jpg

    222 347.jpg
  2. Nice pics, I love the sunglasses, I have something similiar but the frames are larger. Your mom has GREAT taste.
  3. Thanks :yes:
  4. New- 222 348.jpg

    Old- Picture222 011.jpg
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Love the shoes, congratulations!
  7. The shoes aren't new but I haven't seen them in a while cuz they were in the attic just though id share lol.
  8. Very Nice!!
  9. Love your mom's shoes! Does the Paroli come with the pochette?
  10. its actually from her bucket but she uses it as a cosmetics case:smile:
  11. Cool! I love the shoes!
  12. Nice shoes!!!
  13. Wow! Beeeeutiful! Love the shoes!!
  14. 222 346.jpg
  15. Beautiful!