Finally got the mottled gold BE bag...

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  1. and it is damn gorgeous! :drool: If I had to pick just one word to describe it, I would have to say chic. It is so comfy on the shoulder (nine inch drop on longest setting) and though it has a structured bottom, the leather is very lightweight and so it doesn't feel stiff. Jackie said the leather will break in and wear gorgeously over time so I'm super excited to see it age. I am 5'2 and petite and the size is just perfect...medium/large imho yet not so oversized it couldn't be used for an evening event.
    I missed out on the usual pink lining...this is a first edition TMA so the lining is a nice canvas type in a Hermes orange shade. :smile: The color is the most breathtaking shade of pale gold with handpainted brownish bronzey mottled streaks. The depth of the mottled effect lends a very neutral feel to the bag. Though it is a pale, pale, warm toned gold, it is not at all flashy due to the rich, mottled streaks that are perfectly placed and the darker brass hardware. It is an eye catching bag that is very unique yet very classy and elegant in this subtle metallic.
    Oh gosh, I am so in love! :yahoo: I think it will be my new signature bag...I haven't been this excited about a handbag since I got my Lady Dior last year. Isn't it great when you find a piece you know will age gorgeously and that you can easily wear with anything and it'll still rock twenty years from now? :yes: My mom has always been big on teaching us to buy timeless items (well for things that are more of an investment like jewelry) even if we need to grow into them...I find that it works with handbags too and that those are the ones I end up keeping for ages with no regrets.
    Okay, so here are some pics...I'll post them in the BE photo thread once I also receive my glossy tan SM that I am also anxiously awaiting...:crybaby:
  2. Oooh, it's lovely!!
  3. gorgeous!!!
  4. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! :smile: You all have fabulous taste so if its got the thumbs up here then it must be as lovely as I think! :smile:
  5. Hmm, is the middle compartment lined with a floral fabric, or is that something in your bag? Also the website says the middle compartment is waterproof so you can keep a wet umbrella in it Is it a nylon lining that's different from the rest of the bag?
  6. This is actually the first edition TMA which is no longer in production (I think?)...I think you may be referring to the oh so lovely Indulge Me bag? This one has canvas type material lining the interior...The floral bag is actually a JuJuBe diaper clutch...pretty isn't it? I love that pattern. :smile: The back pocket has a black pashmina wrap folded up (so great to throw around my neck or around my daughters shoulders when its chilly) and the front has my wallet and makeup bag.
  7. Oh, okay, should have read your post more thoroughly! Thanks for s'plaining. :smile:
  8. After all the recent posts, I think I am quickly beginning to love BE bags...
  9. Wow:drool:
  10. That bag is absolutely stunning!!!!!!! I love it and I"m not usually into metallics. I had even returned the Pewter crash because it was too shiny for me (gorgeous handbag but I just couldn't pull it off).

    Jackie had mentioned that the mottled gold isn't as bright as the pewter, more muted. Oh boy, now, I"m loving ANOTHER BE color!!!!!

    Is the bag very structured or a little slouchy? Can you post modeling pics?
  11. Congrats on your amazingly gorgeous bag and enjoy!
  12. Enjoy your beautiful new bag. Please do post modeling pix so we can get an idea of size. The bag does look very big...bigger than Love Me? Can you give us comparison sizing?
  13. I LURVE the orange interior!! And the outside is just stunning....I keep thinking how you gals with your gold bags are actually going to look like you travel around with sun-kissed faces (the gold reflection!)... :yes:
  14. its stunning!! congrats!!!!
  15. hello bag twin!! It's gorgeous! I missed out the fuschia lining as well.. I have a sort of a berry pink canvas instead. I told you.... it's a keeper! You can't go wrong with this bag. Show us a modeling picture please :p