FINALLY Got The Earrings!!!!


Nov 30, 2014
Happy Monday to all my Chanel Friends,

I have posted before how I was looking for these earrings. I went crazy when FINALLY my SA said they would be coming back this cruise collection 2016. I know many of you where looking as well and I hope this post helps you in getting yours.

These are $350.00 dollars and are big and amazingly light weight.. I will include item number so you can call Chanel Customer service and they can search which Chanel store has them.

I cant tell you how far I went to try to get these.. eBay and second hand shops have them listed for over 995.00??? because they sell out quick and then high demand puts them at a higher value.

I am so happy I waited and got them for retail #$350.00 plus your local tax?

Item #A60085 X01060 Z0000

Good Luck and Thank You for letting me share :yahoo:
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