Finally got the crystal earrings! Love them!

  1. My first Chanel purchase! :heart:

    I first saw these earrings available on eBay and found them very adorable! Thought they would be hard to get 'coz a lot of ppl are bidding on those earrings... however since I live in Los Angeles, and there are like 4-5 chanel stores in 10-15 miles, I decided to check them out in the store before bidding on eBay.

    Very luckily I found them on my first try! They are available in Chanel store on Rodeo. They have two sizes available, the larger pair is $240 and the smaller pair is $225. And they only have the matching necklace which I really wanted to yet for $180.

    I finally got only the large pair of earrings 'coz one of my bf's friends has the necklace - I don't feel comfortable to wear something identical with somebody I know.

    I also took a look at my dream bag E/W flap... the one I saw was the black cavier one... for $1750 :yucky:. The SA told me they have the lampskin one available too. I wish I could get one of those but I got too many new items recently and I'm about to travel out of country for 3 weeks - need to save up!!!!
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  2. :nuts:

    gorgeous .. congrats :smile:
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    Lovely earrings! Congrats:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  4. I have always loved these!! Congrats!!
  5. Love the earrings - just classic!
  6. lovely! congrats!
  7. congrats!!! great buy... i wear mine all the time.
  8. The earrings are beautiful, congratulations.

    And, if you really want the necklace to go with you earrings, I say get it. When Chanel made one, they made a hundred. I wouldn't hesitate getting something I wanted because someone else had the same thing. Plus, it's your bf's friend, not you best friend. It's not like you'd be seeing her everyday right?

    Go get that hot necklace and come back with pictures.
  9. v pretty earrings & don't worry you will be back for your chanel bag soon enough :flowers:
  10. Beautiful!!!!
  11. gorgeous!

    ...what did the necklace look like?
  12. Very cute, Congrats!!
  13. It's awesome! Congrats!
  14. those are beautiful - congrats! :smile:
  15. cute!