Finally got the Apple leather conditioner - now what??

  1. Hi Ladies :smile:

    Yes, so I've finally received the conditioner for my black Day. It's a bit dry IMO.

    But what do I do? Do I only treat the dry areas or the entire bag?

    Something tells me, that I need to treat the entire bag in order for the leather to look the same.

    And how do I do it? Do I just apply with a soft cloth and then let it dry, and then buff it with a soft cloth?

    Or do I have to "massage" it?

    Pls. help me treat my bag ;)

  2. I would treat the whole bag. Take a soft white cloth and rub it in (circular motion)~ sounds so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it dry and then buff it.
  3. Thanks so much... :smile:
  4. I use the cleaner first to remove dirt and then proceed with the conditioner! :yes:
  5. Thanks :smile: but my bag is new, so hope I don't need cleaner :confused1: