Finally got something red

  1. First thank you all who helped me out with my poll Pomme Roxbury or Epi Red Speedy.So i went on saturday to Luxembourg but unfortunately they had a public holiday and the store was closed.I went back to day,tried both bags and decided on the Epi speedy 25.i love it and it's the perfect size for.I found the 30 to be too big.
    Epi Speedy 1.JPG Epi Speedy 2.JPG
  2. Lvoe it! The red is so pretty! Congrats!
  3. congratz! It's a great addition to your collection!
  4. It's so cute! I'm contemplating getting it in black!
  5. congrats its gorgeous.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. She is SO beautiful!! Red epi is so glamorous!!
  8. Congrats - love red epi.:yahoo: 25 is my favourite speedy size too.
  9. Oo Very pretty !
  10. perfectly sophis'! :smile:
  11. Beautiful. It's the perfect red bag.
  12. I love the epi speedy, congrats!
  13. LOVE it! Congrats! Looking at yours is making me want to take mine for a spin!
  14. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!:tup:
  15. LOVE it w/ silverhardware