Finally got pics of my Bastille up!

  1. :heart:
    GarrettLV.jpg GarrettLV3.jpg GarrettLV4.jpg
  2. Love it! (and the Polo rugby you're wearing) I want the Bastille too, but damn those graffiti bags that keep pushing it down the list. Gorgeous!
  3. :nuts: Congrats! Thanks for sharing.:flowers:
  4. Looks great! Have you used it a lot, how do you like it, does the flap bother you at all? I love the look of this bag & need a messanger for my son to use at school & work.
    Congratulations!! & welcome to TPF.
  5. Wow, it looks good on you. Do you use it as a daily bag or once in awhile?
  6. Looks really sharp on you. Thanks for sharing!
  7. lovely....congrats
  8. Congrats! Looks great!
  9. that is an awesome bag!
  10. hey all!

    Well, unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to use it yet! :crybaby: . I'm going to a different school for spring semester and plan on using it every day then. Can't wait!

    I have put books in it and walked around the house (haha) and it feels great. The flap doesn't bother me at all. You should definately get this bag for your son taco, it looks great and is comfortable to wear!

    I love my Polo as well :yes:

  11. LOL!
  12. Thanks for the info LVBastille, I am really liking this bag & you are convincing me to put it on my Christmas shopping list. You sir, are a bad influence ;)
  13. I do what I can :angel:
  14. Congrats - looks great ! :yes:
  15. it looks great on you! you should start using it now!