Finally got one! Pics of my new Ursula Bowler!

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  1. Lots of you know how quickly I fell in love with the Ursula Bowler recently (luvpurses24 is such an enabler!!!) I scoured ebay, and then authenticated and she finally arrived here yesterday...The large bowler in patent cashew, I am so in love, even though hubby thinks it looks like a piece of luggage, lol!



  2. Let me be the FIRST to congratulate you on your GORGEOUS Bowler!!

    :heart:She's a Keeper!!":heart:

    Looks like a FABULOUS spring and summer color!! YOU GO GIRL!!

    Tell DH that he needs to take you on a vacation so you can use your new "luggage"!!
  3. it looks amazing!!!congrats on ur purchase!
  4. That looks amazing on you! Congrats!!

    Oh and it could be my computer but I think the bag color is Chalk.
  5. You are the perfect model for that lovely bag... it looks amazing on you!

    Wear it in good health and congrats! :yahoo:
  6. What a gorgeous bag--and looks great on you! I wish all MY "luggage" looked like that! :graucho:
  7. Oh YAY!!!:yahoo::yahoo: It's so beautiful!! :nuts: I'm glad I enabled you successfully!!;)
  8. You carry that bag so well! I love it!!!!
  9. I really love it! Congratulations.It looks great on you!
  10. Thanks ladies! I do really love this bag!

    Jbug - thanks lady, I'm looking forward to seeing what arrives on your doorstep soon!;)

    Melly - I originally wanted chalk but had a hard time finding one, this color is about two or three shades darker, I think the flash from my camera makes it look a little lighter than it is...

    Now am officially back on my ban, but bag satisfied for the moment...:devil:
  11. The bag is so pretty and looks great on you!
  12. Congrats!!u LOOK FAB WITH IT!
  13. oh I love it..I have one in black and it's really one of my favorites...Happy for you. mags
  14. Love it. Congrats on your score! I've always had a thing for the bowler. That cashew sure is a pretty color.
  15. Love it. Congrats on your score! I've always had a thing for the bowler, not to mention, that cashew sure is a pretty color.