Finally got My Violet City RH and have some concerns

  1. Hi Everyone! I finally got my new Violet City in Rh from Neimans. It is a fantastic color, but being new to BBags i have a couple of concerns:
    The tassles look like a thin piece of leather- not smooshy like my Muscade City Rh., like a sandwich of tassles.
    I have heard about "Dry " leathers, but don't know if this would be considered dry- but the inside of handle is rough and dry, compared to the Muscade.
    I like the exterior as it looks like a reptile leather!
    Any thoughts?
    DSC00222.JPG DSC00224.JPG DSC00225.JPG DSC00223.JPG
  2. It's gorgeous!!!! Congrats :smile:
  3. I think it "looks" okay.. but I guess only you can really say how you feel about it.
  4. I like the way it looks and for your peace of mind, the tassles on my Bbags vary, too. I guess it all hinges on if YOU love it!
  5. :drool::drool:

    I must get me one of those!!! LOL

    I'm actually glad that the tassels are one leather, not 2 pieces of leather stuck together with mushy part in the middle. All the old bags have tassels like your Violet, and they NEVER split.

    I like the flat, solid tassels much, much better:yes: Love the leather!!! The "grain" on leather is much more noticeable and defined than that of oldies, but I like it. My Tomato City has is the same deal and I love her to pieces:heart:

    As for the handles, they look totally fine to me.
  6. Oh, Thank you , Thank You- Can you all come over tonight? We can all decide which bags to keep! I have one more coming so one will probably have to go back , it's a gray color twiggy.
    So the tassles vary from a sandwich to a single flat. I thought only the fakes were that flat!
    What does dryness mean? Do you have to treat the bags for the dryness?
    maybe they are just going through menopause:party:
  7. Congrats, the Violet looks lovely honestly :tup:
  8. I think it looks great, congrats!
  9. Here is a pic of me wearing it! My son commented on what a great bag it is- he always likes the expensive ones:yahoo:
  10. It looks great on you! I love the color! Congrats!
  11. I think it looks GREAT! Congrats!
  12. i think it looks gorgeous! :smile: you can treat the handles for dryness by pulling some stuff on them (there are some great threads in the reference section) but i honestly personally prefer not to treat my bags. :smile: for what it's worth, i think it looks perfect!
  13. congrats on the new violet! you look great! your son must have very (fab) expensive taste!
  14. My FW'07 Black RH City had some 'sparkly' areas (I was concerned too at first) and now that the bag has broken in, these sparkles have turned into nice soft small wrinkles. Lots of character - don't worry!
  15. ooops...almost forgot - Your Bag is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats and enjoy!