finally got my tobaco paddy from nap

  1. i must say..... this bag goes beyond my expectation. i was expecting a more "blah" brown. but it actually is a very rich dark brown......
    the lock is perfect (no scrathces)
    i am very very happy with it.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! !
  3. Congrats!!! :yahoo: I'm so happy for you!!! :heart: Enjoy your new baby!! :flowers:
  4. Me too!!!!!!!!! I was expecting the same thing. I LOVE my new bag!:yahoo: :love:
  5. Congrats!! Post pics so we can see your new beauty :yes: .
  6. i will tomorrow....
    i am too lazy to get up now. hehehehehhe
  7. Congratulations! Tobacco sounds like an all around winner. The pics I've seen of everyone's Tobacco are all very nice.
  8. congrats~! I should order a tobacco for my mom. :sad: I love the rich dark brown color.
  9. Congrat!:nuts: I too would love to see pictures
  10. Post pics please! I can never get enough of Chloe bags!! :lol:
  11. Congrats! I want one so badly too! Enjoy!
  12. CONGRATS on your new paddy! I love the tobacco colour...very rich...and what a great deal!!!!!
  13. Congrats..!! :flowers: I bet it's a beauty as all the tobacco paddys we've seen here lately, I'd love to see it IRL as it looks gorgeous in the pictures:heart: That was the best paddy deal of the year!
  14. congrats!!! i love the tobacco and im sure you do too!!! take pics :smile:!
  15. That's Awesome!!! Mine is finally with the DHL courier on its way to me...after waiting a week!!! I've been going crazy with impatience:hysteric: ...I'm so happy that i get it before the weekend!:yahoo: I'll be posting pics as soon as i get it!!! So excited for DHL to knock on the door!!! :yes:
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