Finally got my SUHALI dream bag ... but it only made me sad!!!

  1. I have been wanting the suhali le fab since it first came out and I decided to get the black. I ordered it from E-lux last week and was so anxious over the weekend because fed/ex was scheduled to deliver yesterday. I was so happy to see the fed/ex truck pull up and that box couldn't have been opened any faster than a 5 year old opening christmas presents.

    First thing I see is a damaged LV box, not too bad, but not perfect either ... so I said, okay it's just a box (though I wish they would have put it in one of those sturdier LV boxes).
    Then comes the biggest disappointment of all! I pull out the bag from the dustbag and the hardware was full of scratches!!! :cursing: The zippers too! They didn't even have protective plastic on them. The bag just did not look new to me ... it looked used and does not even have a brand new smell ... you LV lovers know what I'm talking about, right?
    So, after I calmed down some, I called E-lux and tell them to take it back. I was going to ask them to send me another one, but dh saw how upset I was and said he'll take me to Vegas and hit the boutiques there and handpick my le fab.

    Sorry for the long post ... just needed to rant:crybaby:

    As always, thanks for listening guys and gals!:flowers:
  2. oh no I am so sorry that happened to you . I agree with DH , best you pic it yourself .. that way you know you will be getting your dream bag ... it will just feel perfect
  3. I HATE Eluxury. I got a Sac Chien from them one time... had a huge gash in the handle after I paid like $1,700 for it. So I sent it back to exchange it, waited forever. It comes back and its the SAME BAG they sent before. I will never buy a LV bag online or over the phone again. I'll travel to St. Louis (Closest store to me).
  4. I'm sorry about the bag -- but at least you get a trip to the stores? ;) can't wait to see photos of the new one!
  5. omg I'm so sorry! I'm glad ur DH is going to let you pick one out in Vegas. You'll have more fun picking it out yourself and maybe you can talk him into getting something else for you too while you're there!
  6. hmmm, now there's a :heart:thought:heart: ... I'll work on that ... lol!
  7. Aww... sorry to hear about that! I can't believe they would send you a bag full of scratches on the hardware! :cursing:

    Have fun in Vegas!
  8. Oh no! That totally sucks...but have so much fun in Vegas! I'm jealous!
  9. awww, thats too bad! i bet you will have a fun time picking your baby up in vegas though!
  10. OH NO!!!!! I am sorry to hear about your dream bag. At least you will get a fabulous trip to make up for it. What a sweet DH to offer to take you to vegas to make you feel better. Most would just say "it is just a purse I don't know what your problem is"
  11. tts horrible! esp after you've been waiting so anxiously for it ! :girlsigh:
    enjoy urself in vegas and bring a smashing bag back to make up for the disappointment!
  12. Oh no!!! I won't be ordering from elux anymore either. I got a used LV sweet monogram ring from them. It had scratches all over.
  13. So sorry about that! :sad: Have fun in Vegas, you have a wonderful DH !! :tup:
  14. sorry to hear this! hope they have the most wonderfull le fab in vegas waiting for you! have fun!!
  15. I know what you mean with brand new smell and you know? the bags keeps that smell for quite a long time
    specially leather like suhali

    GO TO VEGAS and pick it yourself is the best you can do
    the experience is totally worth making the trip