Finally got my princy hobo !

  1. Just got it today from the brown guccisima princy hobo, saw it before in the Nordstrom but in canvas (they don't have the leather one and there is no gucci store here also), the leather one really didn't disappoint me, it even softer and not as stiff than the canvas one in the same style, nice leather same as my wallet, i like the simple style with not so even brown color like the deep red one add some life on it and hard to copy that by fake, i think it looks better than the black, just need to cross my finger they will not put this one on the summer sale.

    Just one thing about the Guccisima deepest, the deep is ok, but is not as deep as my red accessories, but is deeper than my red heart coin purse, thinking if i should ask them to find me a deeper one, i know different bags will have different, what do u guys think ?
  2. I love all the colours. I don't own anything in the Guccisima leather but after seeing that I might be inclined to change my mind!
  3. congrats, love your collection!
  4. very stunning collection you have there!!
  5. Love it! Awesome with the red accessories!
  6. Thanks all, the Guccisma leather makes me love back gucci again and starts addicted to them, they remind me when LV first introduced the Vernis and want to collect them all, but i think this leather even better than the LV Vernis.
  7. Love the variation in the colors..[​IMG]
  8. Its beautiful, Congrats! I love all your accessories, too.
  9. Sammy1789.jpg Congrats!!!! I love this bag. I have it in both Black and Brown
  10. Great bag.
  11. Congrats LaLa06! I have the princy hobo too and :heart: it to death! So light and soft, and perfect for days and evenings. I'm drooling over your red accessories. :drool: