Finally got my Playground Bracelet

  1. And not just one but two of them. :yahoo: The SA told me they came in so dh, the kids, and I made an outing of it and took the long 45 minute drive to the store. We had lunch first at a cute little 50s style burger joint, and then headed to the store. I'm taking one apart to use as pendants or maybe bag charms.

    toki brac fan1.JPG
  2. Congrats!! :yahoo: They're super cute :love:
  3. which store did you go to? they're awesome and I love the fans :biggrin:
  4. Thanks, I waited the longest time for it. I think about a month.
  5. I ordered one too, and it should be here in a while, now you made me think maybe I should get another, coz I can't decide whether to keep it as a bracelet or take it apart and make necklaces. :s

    ah! decisions decisions! :shame:
  6. snoopa, get another. They should be easy to take apart and hook onto a chain or something. I'm going to a craft store to check out what they have.

    tehlilone, I got it at a local store here. I put my name on a waitlist and finally after a month got the call. They just got it in yesterday and there was only one left after I bought the two. I was going to try and order it online at Azalea but shipping to HI is $20.
  7. wow you got two?? congrats!!
  8. Yes. I wanted a Bastardino necklace but figured with 7 charms on a bracelet, I could get 7 pendants this way.
  9. Yeah but it's kind of expensive and i spent SO much money this month on internet shopping, and i'm not sure i'd like it as a bracelet anyway. :shrugs:
    i'm thinking about waiting til after i get it, and then decide.
    they'll probably be sold out by then with my luck . ;)
  10. or you can make earrings :biggrin: ....yeah i was debating about getting them too, but what i truly want is not in t here.. i wanted the fantismo necklace... and black post logo earrings--a eBay seller told me that they dont make black?? I could of swore I saw simone in one of his pictures wearing a black one :crybaby: maybe its just made for only him...:shrugs:
  11. The charms are HUGE, it's almost kind of impractical as a bracelet, but I use it anyway HAHA.
  12. I want your uchiwas! I love them!
  13. i picked up a playground bracelet also & am using 1 of the charms as a pendant & the rest on bracelet. i don't think they're too big to be bracelet charms, do you really think? you certainly can't miss them, that's for sure.
  14. so what charm did you use as a necklace? :biggrin:
  15. Buttrpecan1 and Tokidoki lover, thanks to both of you I was able to get my bracelets locally. :flowers: It took them this long for the store to finally get them in but they are definitely worth it.