Finally got my Noir Mirage Speedy... Still waiting for the Bordeaux

  1. I finally got to picked up my Noir Mirage Speedy today :yahoo:Still impatiently waiting for my bordeaux to come

    It is more stunning than I ever imagine.. !! I love it .. !! love it love it.. !! So heres my Noir Speedy

  2. Its amazing! I cant stop looking at mine! Its probably one of my favorite LV bags EVA!!! Your lucky your getting both colors!! WOO HOO!! Congrats.
  3. Wow, lucky you to get both speedies!! Congrats!
  4. :drool: i can never grow tired of looking at everyone's Mirage Speedies!
  5. STUNNING!!! Congrats! Cant wait to see a picture of the twins!
  6. Can I ask how much it is?
  7. do you guys telling me what the price range is on this bag...

    i cant find anything about it.. and eBay has them set at like 2500.00 bucks.
  8. Fantastic!!! You are getting twins! Lucky girl! I am also thinking of getting a Noir in addition to my bordeaux. Still thinking...

    Congratulations on your gorgeous new Speedy! I can't stop looking at these Mirage Speedies --- they are so beautiful!

  9. The price on the Mirage Speedy is $1870 USD. Steep, but worth it!:yes:
  10. Congrats!!!Your so lucky you're getting both colours.I have bordeaux and LVoe it.
  11. Holy Cow.. that is like 4 or 5 car payments.. haha.

    Comes to 2k with tax.
  12. Love the noir!!! I can't wait to start using mine!
  13. Whoa! You're getting both, lucky you!! Congrats, it's gorgeous. I actually used mine out the LV door!
  14. Congrats! The noir and bordeaux are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!
  15. congrats!!