Finally got my new loot from Saks!!!pics

  1. Hi everyone,

    Finally got my stuff I ordered through Saks. I love my J12 watch and David yurman bracelet and ring, but I need your honest opinions on the cartier chrono. Does it look to big/or masculine on me. I really value everyones opinions.
    forum 002.jpg forum 003.jpg forum 006.jpg forum 008.jpg
  2. more pix
    forum 010.jpg forum 011.jpg forum 012.jpg forum 013.jpg forum 014.jpg
  3. wow...LOVE yer stash!! U GO GIRL!
    In all honesty the Cartier is a bit big for my own taste( I wear a CARTIER small tank francaise myself)....however if u like big watches...keep it.
  4. The Cartier and J12 look to be about the same size. I think they're both big, but if you like it, that's all that matters! Love the David Yurman bracelet and ring! Gorgeous!
  5. LOVE your J12 and David Yurman set - just gorgeous!!! :heart: :heart:

    I agree with Jill though on the Cartier's a bit on the big side...I'm seeing it more as a man's watch... :shrugs:
  6. I tend to prefer a small watch but I love the J12. Gorgeous!!!!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. oh how perfect!!! your j12 is gorgeous! how many links did u remove in the end?

    did you do next day delivery? it got to you real quickly!!! :smile:
  9. I love big watches on women I think they are very hip I wear a mens rolex as my everday/night watch I never take it off
  10. Looks wonderful :smile:
  11. yeah I love my J12, I can't stop staring at, like I've been hypnotized. I got it ship next day, and got 2big and 1 small links taken out. thanks again for letting me know about the links.

  12. Congrats.
  13. Gorgeous stash! LOVE LOVE LOVE your J12 and Yurmans. Honestly, I prefer a daintier cartier.
  14. I love the J12! It's on my wish list. I prefer large watches to small, petite, feminine watches. But the Cartier is a little bit masculine because of the combination of the color and the size. But it is a gorgeous watch nevertheless.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. both watches look great. i suggest you keep them.