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  1. I put a bid in on the bay days ago for a magenta Madison shoulder bag. It was the opening bid and I figured for sure someone would come in and bid UP by a buck and the bag would be lost. I didn't even watch so I wouldn't be tempted to get into a "bidding war" and TA-DA it worked!!!!

    I just scored a NWT magenta Madison shoulder bag for $229.00 + shipping!!! It's the most I was comfortable spending, and although I'm sure there are others out there few and far between that would have been a little cheaper I don't want to give my outlet a dime!!!!! LOL

    I'll attatch IRL pic's in this thread when I receive!!!! :yahoo:
  2. lovely and just in time for valentine's day!
  3. ^^^^Never thought of that, thanks for the ammo when I tell hubby!!!
  4. Gorgeous... Love that color.... Congrats!!!
  5. love tht bag in that color
  6. ohhh, that's pretty! what a great color, congrats!
  7. Beautiful and a great find..
  8. Love the Madison shoulder bag. What a fabulous color! Congrats!
  9. congrads!! im sooooo happy for u!
  10. love the color...congrats :woohoo:
  11. Love that color....
  12. WOW that is gorgeous! I love pink- Congrats!!
  13. beautiful color great price :O) congrats :O)
  14. Good price and great color! I love magenta.
  15. Pink rules:tup: