Finally got my luxe bowler!!!

  1. After searching forever..... I finally got my goat skin black leather bowler med! I need help posting pics though.

    I went through 3 chanel bags before I found the love of my life. This is by far, the BEST chanel bag that I ever purchased!

    And its "new", I was worried when I found it that it would be worn or used, but I got really lucky with this baby!

    For those ladies that are trying to find this bag, keep searching! Its soooo worth the search and the price (2160.00) I LOVE IT:drool: :drool: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    PS, I also got a modern chain flap in black, its perfect, and a chanel butterfly necklace. EGC $450.00!! Yeah!
  2. you didnt get the purple butterfly necklace did you? :crybaby:
    I LOOOOOVE that as purple is my fav color..did you get the med or the large one?
  3. Oops, posted twice!
  4. Ohhh, congrats, I can't wait to see pictures!!! :smile: I absolutely :heart: the luxe bowler, and the metallic black is just stunning! I saw the butterfly necklace the other day, very cute btw. :smile: I'm going to be getting the large black metallic bowler soon, courtesy of a fabulous person, and I can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  5. You are sooooo lucky! I have been looking for that bag forever! (Why do I always want something after it's no longer readily available???)
  6. Congrats and welcome to the world of Bowlers!
  7. No, I didn't get the purple butterfly necklace, so its still out there, go get it! Haha. I got the medium bowler. Its PERFECT! I was soo excited when feded rang my doorbell. I put my marigold first away and the bowler is here to stay! LOL! Soo happy!
  8. Congrats on your bowler!
  9. Congrats. Looking forward to your pictures. =)

  10. :wlae: 2morrow!
  11. i love the luxe bowler - after i bought it i had to get the luxe flap too, i just love this line.
  12. Oh, congratulations. Patience, or karma, pays off. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  13. Hey congrats!!!! I'll check back for the pics..can't wait to see!!!
  14. It can't come soon enough haha. :yahoo:
    I can't wait to see pics of your gorgeous bowler Blondina1003 - you're definitely going to turn heads with that beauty!! :smile:

  15. Congrats!! Pics!!