Finally got my HG Work bag.. except its not my HG :(


Feb 8, 2006
It's a Part-Time, not a Work. Sadly although let me place and pay for an order for an Anthracite Work, it turned out it was out of stock :sad: So I decided to go for a Part-Time instead, as opposed to taking the "right bag" in a different colour.

Well, it arrived late yesterday arvo and last night I wrote a rather long and slightly self-indulgent thread about how disappointed I was with my new purchase... It just felt all wrong when I tried to try it on and because the "cutstomer service" at had made me feel so "unspecial" I was feeling as if there was no chance of me NOT feeling let down by this bag.

But I didn't post that thread because I thought it was being a bit too dramatic and that once I'd tried the bag on with an outfit other than my PJs, I would probably feel different about it. So I put her back in her box last night and went off to bed...

... and, sure enough, this morning when I picked her up, she made me smile :heart: Part of me was considering sending her back and instead getting a Work in Tempete, but this morning I threw a few outfit ideas down on the bed and just as I thought would be the case, the Anthracite is so universal - the only thing it didn't go with is a chocolate brown wrap dress that I only rarely wear anyway and never to work. But my two staple colour themes for this winter - dusty pink/grey (I call it "heavy petal" and burned oranges/reds/grey-greens "One Fall Day") both look amazing with the Anthracite.

I still think that the proportions of the PT are a little *off* though. Its just a bit too wide and not tall enough IMO. But I am thrilled with how much fits in there! I am already planning a little travelling makeup kit and perhaps the best thing is that now I can carry an A5 sketch book around with me.. and my Canon IXUS.. and sunglasses!

I didn't have time to take a pic but I wore her today with my grey trousers, layered white and green l/sleeved cotton tops from Gap, and this jacket from Jigsaw

Along with a charcoal grey scarf and black pumps.

So I'm a happy girl. I'll post some pics tonight! I will say one thing about buying from - the box is a lovely addition. But I still think in the future I will try and find one instore before I go online - I really didn't have that pleasant an experience, unfortunately.

:heart: Bella xo


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Jan 2, 2008
I too love the pt style, hoepfully it will grow on you some more as you use it and it breaks in. Once it gets broken in, it doesn't feel so wide. plus I like that it isn't as deep, much easier to find things in and holds so much at the same time! congrats! need pics, so we can drool some more!


Apr 30, 2009
I'm glad that you were happier with your PT in the morning. I have only one PT, and I agree with you that the proportion is unusual when carried by the handles. can fit so much in a PT and it looks really cool over the shoulder. It's nice to have that practical option.

Enjoy her!! You will probably find, after eventually purchasing your HG Work, that you want to keep them both ;)