Finally got my gold birkin! - reveal

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  1. Here she is, my (new to me) prefect gold birkin in ardennes!! 🙌🙌🙌🙆🙆🙆

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  2. The leather is so nice, condition super good too with clean corners. And the color is just too pretty, I couldn't stop staring at her the whole day today :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Amazing! Id stare at it all day too!
  4. Gorgeous and congrats!
  5. A Goldie! Absolutely gorgeous! A B30 is also on my wish list. So glad for you =)
  6. Congrats! That's such a classic color!
  7. It's beautiful! Congratulations!!!
  8. Amazing pristine condition
  9. Beautiful!!! Welcome to the Goldie club ️
  10. gold is the best color choice, congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag!
  12. Beautiful B !! Congrats.
  13. Looks great, congratulations
  14. Stunning!!! Gold is a must have colour.... I am still waiting...waiting....😉
  15. Wow, gorgeous! Congratulations! Mod pics soon!