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Finally got my fuschia H bag


Aug 23, 2006
My darling SO recently went to Europe/france for his biz meetings.... and asked me if I wanted to get anything...so I said HERMES birkin of coz

He asked me what color I wanted. So I told him gently its not like you usually have 30 birkins in all colors on display waiting for you to choose. Just ask them what they have and call me. But I told him a 30cm Birkin in Fuchsia, chevre with PHW would be perfect...

He just text/sms me to let me know that he got me my fuchsia birkin!!!!! He said the SA told him it was goatskin. He added that the bag had a funny "line" down the middle of the bag....(men!!).:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

He literally walked into the shop and the SA was in the process of putting the fuchsia bag on display.....

I can't post pictures as my sister has borrowed my digi camera for her holiday.... will post as soon as I can

PS: why is it that men can always waltz into hermes and are able to get the dream bags...and the poor ladies rarely have this fortuitous event happening to them