Finally got my friggin Edith

  1. ...and it only took FOR-EVER. I pre-ordered it from a local boutique on 1/31/ took 3 weeks for it to ship from Chloe in Paris. :amazed: I know people who got on the NM pre-sale list in the beginning of March and got their bags before me.

    Well I can't complain too much...the boutique owner didn't charge me tax for the bag. ;) It's the medium whiskey... :love:
  2. Your post title made me LOL! Friggin Edith. :smile:

    Glad you love it. Pics, pics!!
  3. Congrats on the Edith. I saw a woman carrying one yesterday and now that's all I can think about...I never liked Chloe before yesterday!

    Can you tell me what the retail price is? Also, is it totally sold out or are some stores taking waiting list/pre orders?

  4. Congrats on the Edith! I'm sure it was worth the wait! Enjoy!
  5. Congrats...very funny title..I too laughed!!!
  6. Long time coming! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. And we're very friggin happy for you - LOL.:amuse:

    Thank you - you made me laugh too. Glad you finally received yours - I know how annoying it is to pre-order from a boutique and then have the department stores get them in before yours shows up. At least you saved tax - that should make up for it!
  8. yes we are! how much more striking is it in person than in photos? or at least that was my reaction.
  9. Funny title, but congrats on your edith!
    And are your friggin' pics coming soon??:lol:
  10. So now that it's finally here esiders - what do you think of it in person? Are you happy with it? Have you taken it for a spin yet?
  11. Style and Accessory - :lol: :lol: :lol: my friggin a** off!
  12. Congrats! Which color is it? Would love to see pics!
  13. friggin awesome! LOL! Seriously, a lady is allowed a few choice curse words if her bag is late! Let's see pics of your new baby!
  14. Congrats! Hope you enjoy!