Finally got my first wallet :-)

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  1. After much research, I finally decided on this...


    I also got it stamped and I'm so happy it turned out well! :wlae:


  2. congrats! it looks great...i love LV wallets, they are so durable and i'm happy pulling mine out every time i have to pay for something - enjoy!
  3. That is a lovely wallet. The initials look quite nice, as well.
  4. Nice wishes

  5. oooh, congrats. the pochette wallet is such an amazing piece. and i love the heatstamping
  6. Congrats.
  7. Beautiful wallet!! Congrats to you! nice stamp too!
  8. Great choice, I have the same wallet in Mono and I love it. Enjoy!
  9. ohhhh i love that wallet!!!!!! congrats!
  10. beautiful! congrats!
  11. I think you made a good choice!!! You are definitely going to love it! It was my first LV wallet as well and I keep using it for 2 years now, this model is so beautiful and practical!
  12. Is this the Porte Tresor International??

    I'm looking into a long wallet, and am wondering how you find the size of this Damier...

    Very nicely stamped BTW!! :heart:
  13. Very nice! The heatstamping is such a great little touch!

  14. awesome.... congrats
  15. Nice. Congrats!