Finally got my first Legacy Piece

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  1. I am so excited about the style and the color. It is surprisingly bigger of what I thought it would be. Ultra violet color is dah bomb!

  2. Congratulations!
  3. Love the color! Congrats!
  4. Congratulations! I have the duffle in the emerald and I love it and I love the UV color. I hope you enjoy your new beauty!
  5. I'm starting to really like these duffles more and more. This color is just awesome! To bad I accidentally deleted my PCE and then on top of that emptied my trash folder! Maybe if I called they would still give it to me?
  6. I sure they would, they should be able to pull you up in there computer, I did get the email or card in the mail, but sa gave it to me today, she said I was suppose to get it.
  7. It's so gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Thank you!!!!
  9. Oh it's lovely :smile: i really am enjoying all these bright colors that are coming out for the fall/winter.
  10. Love love love!!!
  11. Congrats! Twins on the UV Duffle!
  12. Congrats! This is an awesome color.
  13. What a fun color! I love how you switched and combined the color, they look awesome!
  14. Yep, that's the Carnelian FNO Kit mixed with my UV Duffle. I brought it into the store a couple weeks ago and the SA's went crazy. :P
  15. Great purchase! Your items are so organized in your bag.. :biggrin: