Finally!! Got my first Gucci!! ***PICS***

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  1. Just got back from Italy yesterday...while I was there I got my first Gucci!! I am so excited I can hardly stand myself :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I purchased them at the Gucci boutique in Venice (Venezia)...I bought the Princy for my daughter...hopefully I will be able to get her to model it next week when she comes for a visit...and I bought the messenger for myself :jammin:

    Thanks for looking!!!


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  2. Here's a couple more...

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  3. great purchases!! Love the scenery too! If you don't mind me asking, how much was your messenger bag?
  4. CONGRATS!!!! I :heart: THE VENICE STORE!!!
  5. Congrats! Great pictures!
  6. Thanks! I actually saved about $125/bag there and that's not including the VAT refund which is supposed to be about 12% (will be credited back to my charge card), the net on the messenger was just under $600 USD.
  7. Congrats! The messenger bag looks great on you!
  8. congrats and enjoy!
  9. Congrats! They're beautful! I am going to Italy next spring, is Gucci merchandise less expensive when you buy it over there as opposed to buying it in the states?
  10. Where do you live in Italy?
  11. :wlae: love it!
  12. I saved approximately $125/bag over what the price on is listed at and no additional tax ... I will also receive a VAT refund.
  13. congrats on both bags!
  14. Congrats! I can't believe you got your first Gucci in Venice, how perfect is that. The bag is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you!
  15. how exciting! I'm sure your daughter will love her new bag as well.