finally got my first gucci bag

  1. hey ladies
    i just bought my dream bag :yahoo:and im not really fimilar with gucci please tell me its authentic :tup:ive been waiting forever for this bag
    guccibag.jpg gucciinside.jpg guccioutside.jpg guccitag.jpg sdfsdfsdfds.jpg
  2. Congrats... Such a great bag. I love wave bag
  3. love it, congrats.
  4. congrats!!
  5. what is the name of this purse? it looks so pretty.
  6. Congrats!

    purse_lover1988: this is the Wave Hobo, still available on the Gucci website.
  7. Very cute! Congrats!!
  8. YAY! :yahoo:

    i have that purse and i :heart::heart::heart: ittttttt!!!!

    CONGRATS .. sweeeeeetie! :smile: you're gonna love it!
  9. i hope it's real! and if it IS, way to go. i also hope you got a good deal on it. yay, now your dream has come true!!!!! woohoo. i'm happy and excited for you
  10. Very nice, I'm waiting for my first to arrive, should be this week sometime!
  11. Congrats... It's great bag.
  12. love it! congrats!
  13. Hey, congrats. I have this bag in guccissima and i love it!!! Great bag.
  14. Congratulations.