Finally got my first dior in python. An early xmas present

  1. After a long time, i finally decide to take the splurge and got my dior, the price is increasing few times a year. i gonna get it now. Yahoo!!
  2. i saw this in cannes. it is breathtaking! congrats on finding her!

    reminds me of Charlotte from SATC (although hers is a large in lizard)

  3. Wow what a gorgeous shade of pink, and in python, too!!! Congratulations!
  4. It's stunning!! I love pink bags! :smile: Congratulations!
  5. This pink is lovely, congrats ^^
  6. Thank you everyone. i though that the pink maybe too bright for me lol..Since i rarely wear anything or accessories in pink. besides my fuchsia Chanel bag. as i looked it at it more i start to like it more :woohoo::love:
    any suggestions on how to dress it up?? like outfit wise??
    Is a pink shoes gona be too much lol.
  7. Lovely python, congrats 😄 I would try to find heels with a little pink. I would also look at exotic Tods and Hermès sandals ( in summer pink sandals with white or nude colours would be great).
  8. great suggestion thanks :biggrin:. but I'm having second though on maybe switch to another color such as red now ..Should i??Im afraid that this pink might be too bright for me. And red seems like a more classic bag and sth that i can wear more out. :shrugs::confused1:
  9. have you considered the tri-colors? some colors may be past season but may be found through an inventory search. theres one in dark red/plum, with a dark pink, and white stripe in python. these cost a little bit more. here is one in large:

  10. do you know the price on this?I was too excited that i finally going to get my dior. So didn't really take time to think about it.
  11. Which one should i change or should i stay with pink?
  12. gosh they are all beautiful! a lady dior in python is very special. will you be using this often? the bubble gum pink color is very coveted. since there was a recent price increase, i would think about it since we wont have to worry about another increase for a few months, hopefully. i believe the price for a solid colored python in medium is around $7K now?
  13. if you really can't make up your mind on which python you want , I would wait. I love python !!! The single colors are beautiful , but I think there is nothing better than a multicolored python. I love the hand painted patterns and the gradients Dior does. I am itching to get a new python,though my SA told me to wait. Dior is coming out with some outrageous hand painted pythons this summer.
  14. This really beautiful!!! :biggrin:
  15. I would keep the pink especially if your like me and Wear alot of black, whites and neutrals a splash of something colourful and bold is all it takes for an outgit to go from ordinary to well put together