**Finally got my engagement ring!!

  1. The long wait (~2 months for shippment from Paris) was worth it! I LOVE my engagement ring!!! It's altogether 2.51ct (2.01 ct RBC center + 0.5 ct on the sides). Color E, VVS2. This platinum ring costed a fortune. Sorry the pictures aren't that clear; they don't do the ring justice!
    Picture 315.jpg Picture 321.jpg Picture 326.jpg
  2. Congratulations!! I love your engagement ring too!! Lucky girl! :smile:
  3. Congratulations on the engagement. The ring is beautiful and worth the wait! I wish you a loving and healthy marriage.
  4. congratulations! the ring is beautiful!
  5. Very pretty... I like the twisted detail.. v. unique looking
  6. DAMN! Its gorgeous! Congrats. :heart: :heart:
  7. Congratulations on the engagement!! Beauuuuuutiful ring!!! :love:
  8. That's a beautiful ring - worth the waiting! Congratulations!
  9. It is beautiful, congratulations!!
  10. oh that's GORGEOUS!!:heart:
  11. :drool: congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see your hubby Loves You lots!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Congrat's, thats a beautiful ring.
  13. Woah, nice rock! And congrats!
  14. Your setting is FANTASTIC! Congratulations :flowers: .
  15. :nuts: that is BEAUTIFUL!! i love the twisted detail on the side. just stunning.

    congratulations on your engagement! :yahoo: