Finally Got My Courtenay

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  1. Got home to find a box on the porch

    Started the un boxing...


    Got a little nervous when I saw the scotch tape on the plastic bag, knew right then it was a return, but still hopeful...



    But the closer I looked, I realized it was used. The tag was off and in the inside pocket, but the price was torn off


    The inside was full of lint, the hardware is scuffed, and it looks like it's been carried all over town full of someone's crap.


    So, to whoever thinks it's ok to carry a bag and return it, you wasted my time and caused me grief. Not a happy camper, but the CS rep I spoke with has already sent me a return label and promised me an actually NEW bag...I try not to be picky, but if I'm paying this kind of money for a new bag, DANG IT I want a new bag. Not a floppy used scuffed bag full of your trash and who knows what else.

    Rant over :biggrin:
  2. How awful!! I'm sorry this happened to you. Good thing coach made it right!
  3. Aww....I'm glad they sent you a label and have another one to send your way. Please show us when it comes. I can't get enough of black Legacy leather. It's great.
  4. That's terrible. I'm glad they could find you another one. They really need to check these returns to make sure they aren't resold as new. There is a procedure in the stores to label damaged items and sell them further discounted so there really is no excuse to send it to someone who paid for a new bag.
  5. She was very nice and very apologetic, I have no complaints at all with the service! :biggrin:
  6. I'm the same, I love love love Legacy!
  7. I agree. I don't mind at all if it was returned with the tags still on and in good shape - but there's no WAY I'm going to accept one in this shape! LOL I'm hoping the next one is good :tup:
  8. Yeah, not cool at all! I've had that happen 3 or so times with FOS.
  9. Of course! You deserve a BRAND NEW handbag. I cannot believe some people! Glad they found you a replacement!

  10. Ditto this!
  11. How awful! I'm so sorry. At least your return seems to be going smoothly.
  12. Thank you, ladies! I can't be too disappointed after getting the other bag I wanted in the sale online today. I was plumb giddy that the bag AND the color I want was such an awesome deal! :yahoo:
  13. I'm glad that you were able to get a new one. Don't you love the Courtenay?

  14. Congrats on the Courtenay - I have one in parchment and another in Marine. Ditto on people who use bags and return them as "new" -- that is just so wrong. I do love the way the black Courtenay looks - it is such a classic!
  15. This happened to me with Zappos. The bag even had someone's compact mirror still left in it!! I was so grossed out I immediately returned the bag.