FINALLY got my birthday pressies!

  1. My parents came down to visit me yesterday and brought me LV! Which they had my aunt pick up in Germany for me, so it would be cheaper :yahoo: I got a Damier Speedy 30 (which I have lusted after ever since I got into LV) and a LOVERLY Framboise agenda :love: which is SOOOO beautiful! I had such fun unwrapping them and taking pictures :P

    Oh! And I told my mom to tell my aunt to see if she could get some free refills, because it's so late in the aunt actually forgot it while she was buying it at the LV in Koln, so she came back, and the SA apologized and gave her a day-on-a-page refill AND a week-on-2-pages refill! I thought that was awesomeee...I :heart: the refills, the edges are so pretty and shiny!

    And then when my aunt went to Berlin and got my Speedy (since there weren't any in Koln) my cousin who went with her mentioned the story to the SA there, and then that SA gave my cousin free refills too! (which I thought was kinda cool since she wasn't buying an agenda or anything)

    So I attached pictures of my loves....and my growing LV family! and a pic of mom, who was amazed that I could tell when and where the bag was made (she's looking for the date code).

    NOW I am REALLY on a purse ban...until Damier Azur or until I finish all my grad school apps, whichever comes LATER...
    birfday.JPG family.JPG mom.JPG
  2. Oh my gosh, speedy is so gorgeous. Congratulations on both of your new items!
  3. That is so cute! How much were they?
  4. congrats!
  5. So pretty, nice way to mark another year. Your mom is so cute looking for the code. :smile:
  6. What lovely bags you got there!!! Great taste!!!:yes:
  7. Congrats on ALL your new items!!! Your mom is so funny & cute!!! It's pretty sweet of your relatives to bring all this stuff back for you!
  8. Happy! Happy! Birthday!
  9. Happy B-Day!!! Awww... I'm glad you got LV for your b-day!!!
  10. Nice collection. Congrats.
  11. Oh wow how nice! Congrats!!!
  12. Oooh congrats - how sweet of the SAs ! :yes:
  13. Happy birthday! Those are some generous birthday presents!
  14. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the wonderful gifts! :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear ilikepenguins! Happy Birthday to you!!!!...and many morrrrrrrrre!!!!
    Congratulations to ya on your new beauties!