Finally got my Balenciaga City bag but...

  1. Hi all!

    First, I'd like to thank all of you for your help! Yep! Thanks to you and your replies, I finally made up my mind on the color I wanted for my first B-Bag!

    I am now the pround owner of a City brown Bag (pics to be posted on the right thread)! :love:

    But, I wanted to ask you another question: as I was looking my bag with love and adoration, I spotted something quite odd on it. I must tell you that I bought the bag from an official shop, not from the internet. It wasn't a Balenciaga shop as there isn't any where I live (Brussels, Belgium), but a luxury shop that sells several other luxury brands.

    Here's what I found: on the corner of the bag, where the stiches are joined, it looks like if the leather has been rubbed, the leather wasn't as shiny as it was elsewhere. The bag has clearly not been used as all the rest is perfect, but just that little corner, that tiny little spot of less than 1 cm, looks, well, used. I went back to the store but, as it is mentioned on the card inside the bag, they said it was normal as the leather has to be processed in some way to look "used".

    Did any of you ever had that before? Do you think I managed to get a "defect bag"? God, I hope not! I guess I can live with it but it's been on my mind ever since.

    I hope you'll be able to ease my mind... :sweatdrop:


    PS: sorry if I made any English msitake, I'm French speaking ;)
  2. i personally don't know if leather was processed in some way to look "used"

    but someone i know bought a bbag from the club21 (which is pretty much the type of shops u described earlier), the corners was rubbed and look used too, even tho it's brand new!!!

    i'd say not to worry about it since u love the bag and i'm sure u'll take good care of her :smile:
  3. could it be just from sitting at the store or storage, etc? I had a very slight wear to the corners of my b-bag box style but I know it was brand new...:shrugs:
  4. Sun Jae I wouldn't worry. There are a few reasons your bag might look "worn" or "used". Every single Bbag is going to be unique and different. I'm sure you noticed when buying your bag that some have thicker leather, some thinner, some shinier, some more matte, some with more or less of a distressed look. These are properties of the leather and the process used to distress the leather. What we see as a "defect" is actually just part of the distressing process and only makes the bag unique. Also, when we buy from a store where our bag might be on display, many many people may have handled it and this could lead to a little bit of wear, especially on the corners where it is more vulnerable to wear.

    My bags appeared to have "defects" from the moment I bought them: slighly rubbed corners, a tiny scratch, etc. It is, after all, leather.
  5. Same here, I really wouldn't worry!
  6. Ho thank you all so very much for your replies!! You made me feel a lot better! :yahoo: Thanks a million!!! I'm going to go kiss my bag right now ^_^
  7. Congrats on your new bag! my BI day actually has variations in the leather from one part of the bag to the other as well. my girlfriend who has a Grenat First showed me how the bottom of her bag has different veining and look than the sides of her bag. So it seems like potential variations are not unusual at all...enjoy your bag!! :wlae:
  8. Yep, I'm Marae's friend with the grenat first. The front, back, and bottom of my bag all have slightly different variations of leather. Some parts more smooth/matted/thicker, some more veiny/shiny/thinner. Initially I thought I would be bothered by it, but actually I love it! Especially since I only have one bbag at this point, and I'm still indecisive about which type of leather I prefer. It's great to be able to "feel" all the different types of balenciaga leather variations in one bag! BBags aren't meant to look "perfect" and "uniform" like other bags.
  9. Congrats on your first Bbag purchase!!